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Twilight at SDCC2008: Bella's Lullaby, Twilight Soundtrack and more Finale scenes

[Contributing Source: MTV Comic Con Report]

The SDCC Twilight Panel dropped a couple of surprises on the 6500-strong Twilighters packed in Hall H. When asked about the movie's soundtrack, director Catherine Hardwicke answered:

"We just got a Muse song. And we have another great song. I bet you know what it is."
It's obvious to any Twilighter that she's referring to Bella's Lullaby, which MTV reported a few months ago, was being written by Robert Pattinson himself. Back then, Hardwicke wasn't sure if she was going to use Robert's song. She said it will depend on what Robert actually came up with. But at Comic Con, Ms. Hardwicke said:

"Rob is a great musician. That's all I can say."

MTV reports that during the press interviews after the panel, Ms. Hardwicke confirmed that they will indeed be using Robert's composition for the Lullaby, as well as two of his other songs for the soundtrack.

An extended version of the Ballet Studio Scene we've scene from previous trailers and clips was also shown during the panel.

The stars also unveiled an extended scene from the ballet-school battle, featuring much more footage of James terrorizing Bella. It shows how she's tortured with the video camera, her leg getting banged up and Edward coming to the rescue. As the battle hit its stride, the crowd went absolutely bonkers. The clip ends with Bella being bitten.
Click here: Video of Robert Pattinson


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