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Twilight at SDCC2008: Highlights from the Twilight Panel and Press Interviews

With countless websites and publications all posting about the Twilight craze at Comic Con, we at TCP thought we'd try to pull together all the highlights from the Twilight Panel and the Press Interviews in one place and save you guys the flooded inbox and the trouble of reading through numerous articles. Don't worry though, we're also going to collate the links in one place later on for easy reference.

Highlights from the Twilight Panel during the Summit Entertainment presentation, moderated by Eric Moro of IGN Movies:
  • One thing is sure. Twilighters rocked the Comic Con, and most people can't believe what they've seen. Those who are old enough to have seen what Beatlemania was like will probably have an idea of what the Twilight phenomenon is really like.
  • The Panel for Twilight was composed of: Catherine Harwicke, Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre, Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi, and Taylor Lautner. Watch a clip of their introductions here.
  • From the MTV report: The stars also unveiled an extended scene from the ballet-school battle, featuring much more footage of James terrorizing Bella. It shows how she's tortured with the video camera, her leg getting banged up and Edward coming to the rescue. As the battle hit its stride, the crowd went absolutely bonkers. The clip ends with Bella being bitten.
  • Fan: "How do you feel being one of the most wanted guys in America? Because I want YOU baby!" Robert: "Ummm... Well, you know, I reckon most people, if you talk to me for two minutes... It's filling a void in my life. I need the love. I think. I need something." So you heard it, people, he needs the love. :p
  • Nobody answered the "boxers or briefs or nothing" question. :p
  • As we've previously posted, Stephenie's favorite band, Muse, is contributing a song to the movie's soundtrack. So is Robert Pattinson, but he's got three songs in, including Bella's Lullaby.
  • Stephenie Meyer's favorite Edward-Bella scene in the Saga is in Breaking Dawn.
  • Robert: "You don’t normally get a vampire ... you know, I can’t even concentrate. I just wanted to play the hottest vampire in the world. Woo!" *insert fan screaming here* "And he dazzles." *insert more fan screaming here*
  • Catherine: "In one of the kissing scenes, Rob got a little passionate and fell off the bed onto the floor.” *and even more fan screaming here*
  • Pattinson said his favorite scene was one where he first meets her and he has to intimidate her but she isn't cowed by him.
  • When asked about her favorite Edward and Bella scene, Stewart recalled a moment of improvisation where they were frolicking in the leaves and she stuck her fingers in Edward's mouth and asked, "Do you want a taste?"

Highlights from the Press Interviews:
  • Both Catherine and Stephenie expressed interest in bringing New Moon to the big screen, but there is no official word on whether the project will actually take off. They've both got their fingers crossed.
  • Catherine was initially given 5 scripts to choose from by Summit Entertainment. The script for Twilight intrigued her, so she read the book. She fell in love with the book and worked with the screenplay writer to make the script more in-tune with the book.
  • Rachelle Lefevre studied lions and how they attack in preparation for her role. A friend of hers from drama school suggested that. In portraying Victoria, she "gave herself permission to follow every nasty impulse she had".
  • There's a lot of wire work in the film, but little to no CGI.
  • Catherine heard the fan reaction to the EW cover, and she said she loved the dedication shown by the fans when they even photoshopped the right hairstyle on Edward and Bella.
  • Right now, the effects people are working on how to make the vampires sparkle. ILM is doing the sparkle effects. (Woohoo, ILM!)
  • Stephenie: "Vampires chose me! I don't watch vampires, I don't read vampires."
  • Before Cam Gigandet was cast, he had already read Twilight courtesy of his girlfriend (at the time), who told him to read the book when she visited him on the set of Never Back Down. Three months later, he was cast to play James.
  • Taylor: "I've read the books and I fell in love with them. I'm just like those crazy girl fans out there." (Edi laughed at him)
  • Edi: "Laurent is a sweetheart... What makes me creepy is the fact that I might kill you, but I'm not a bad guy, it's just what I need to do."


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