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MTV Movies Blog | ‘Twilight’ Actress Christian Serratos Chooses Team Edward

Link: http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2008/07/31/twilight-actress-christian-serrat...


“I’ve put mine on hold at Barnes & Noble just like everybody else,” Serratos said. “I’m waiting for my copy. I can’t wait to read it!”


Unlike many of the other actors in the film, Serratos has yet to experience any crazed Twilighter fans. “The experience in the hotel [while shooting] was pretty interesting. A lot of fans came to the hotel and came to the set,” she remembered. “But I appreciate it. I’ve never encountered a crazy fan; I think they’re absolutely amazing. The fact that they put so much energy into loving the book is ridiculously amazing.”

Maybe Serratos’ luck will change soon enough: Because in a few days, Angela Weber will walk into a Barnes & Noble, possibly the same one as you, to pick up her copy of “Breaking Dawn.”


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