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MTV News | 'Twilight' Creator Stephenie Meyer Talks 'Breaking Dawn'

Link: http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1591941/story.jhtml


MTV: What's one of the harder questions you've had to answer?

Meyer: There are a couple different kinds. There's ones [with] just one totally tiny detail like, "On December 1st of 1981, where were Emmett and Rosalie that night [at] dinner?" It's just like, "Oh gosh, I don't know these things!" Then sometimes I get ones that are a little more aggressive, like, "Do you think Bella is an anti-feminist hero?" I actually enjoy answering that one, because I like to explain my version.

MTV: Can you elaborate on that?

Meyer: Well, there's an idea out there that to be a strong female role model you have to know kung fu and the whole line of Prada products from that year, and I think you can be a strong person by just being who you are and being really strong mentally. I don't think Bella gets enough credit for just knowing who she is, [possessing] her confidence, and also making some really tough decisions.

MTV: It's hard to reconcile [the notion of her being a strong female] with the idea that Bella is so beaten down when Edward leaves her.

Meyer: Yeah, but how many shows do you see where the guy leaves and the girl eats a bunch of chocolate, watches sad movies, listens to sad music and then she's good? If you notice with that, the guy's always, like, something she's really better off without. I wanted to write about really true love — the kind that when they leave it's really not an easy thing. She doesn't listen to sad music or mope around; she goes on with her life, just a little bit different than before.


MTV: How about the equally controversial cover of Entertainment Weekly, where we recently got a sneak peek at Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Meyer: It was interesting, because on the one hand it's really visual. You can see that across the store, and that's the whole idea when they sell magazines. I was like, "Wow!" I have to say, I prefer Rob's styling in the movie; the hair [on the magazine cover] was a little different. But they still look gorgeous. How could they not?

MTV: What did you think of the fan response?

Meyer: I think the funniest one was a letter where someone said something about Donald Trump's toupee being on Edward's head. That totally made me laugh.

MTV: When a movie hits it big, merchandising always follows. We've already seen the "Twilight" candy bar, so what's next?

Meyer: They ran some things by me, but I don't know anything that's official yet.

MTV: Which do you like best?

Meyer: I don't know how much I'm supposed to comment, but I'll say that I've always had a dream of ... not action figures so much as really pretty dolls. I'm hoping that's going to happen.

MTV: Any products that you definitely would not want to have?

Meyer: Gosh, anything that was sleazy, that would suck. But I get approval on that kind of thing, so that's good. There'll be no "Twilight" thongs. [Laughs.]

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