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The National Post | What the wizard taught the vampire

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"I'm not convinced that I'm done with the Twilight world," she says. "There are a lot of characters that would be fun to go back to."


There are also excerpts from the same interview here: From the cutting room floor.


Q: Have you been following the reaction online from the fans yet?
Stephenie: No. I know a lot of the main forums are closed down. I just kind of needed a minute before I dive into that. I’m actually, for what I do, ridiculously thin skinned. I just kind of wanted to give myself a moment to appreciate everything before I get into that.

Q: Are there any Twilight characters you'd like to explore further?
Stephenie: I actually do have two narrators in mind....I don’t want to get people too excited if it's going to be like 10 years before I work on that again.

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  1. bebebeaaa said...

    i really hope she'll continue the series. :) i love her books!Ü

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