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Twilight Coven Philippines is a community of Filipino enthusiasts of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and her other works.

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TCP's Twilight-Inspired Button Pins (Wave 1&2) - Order now!

Wave 1 and 2 of our button pins are now up for online orders! The pin bearing the TCP logo is 1.25 inches in diameter, at Php 15.00 while the rest are 2.25 inches in diameter, at Php 25.00 each.

Wave 1:

Wave 2:
(close up of selected Wave 2 pins can be found here)

You may order now by sending us an email at twilightcoven(at)gmail(dot)com with your name, mobile phone number, button design and the quantity of the buttons.

Please be reminded that your Wave 1 and 2 orders are not valid until you receive a confirmation e-mail from us. Only those who have pre-ordered will be accommodated in the pick-up date.

The date for claiming the pins is this Saturday (Aug 23) from 2pm to 3pm at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Greenbelt), details to be announced in your confirmation email. If you cannot make it on Saturday, please include so in your e-mail so that we can arrange an alternative pick-up date. We're also planning to accept orders to be sent via courier (w/in and outside Metro Manila), but shipping costs will be c/o those who order. Continue to check our site for updates. Thanks!


  1. Black said...

    So since I'm not from Manila, and I'm currently considering on buying two pins, i have a few questions..

    Where/What shipping line will I be able to claim my pins? When and how do I pay [since I haven't really ordered anything online ever]? Will all the details be mentioned in the Confirmation email?

    I'm sorry for asking a lot of questions, but I want to know all the details before I really order them pins.

    Thanks, TCP! :)

  2. Clair de Lune said...

    BLACK: Please do send us an e-mail at twilightcoven(at)gmail(dot)com so we can address your inquiries privately. Thanks. :)

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