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An update about the Philippine release date of "Twilight"

A lot of people have been e-mailing us and posting in the chatbox to ask about details for the new Philippine release date of the "Twilight" film.

The administrators of Twilight Coven Philippines met with Viva International Pictures (the local distributor for Summit Entertainment) yesterday, and of course, one of the things we asked about on behalf of the fans was the all-important Philippine release date. We were informed that the management has yet to decide on a date since Summit announced the move just a couple of days back. Viva will be making that decision sometime this week after consulting with Summit Entertainment in the U.S. and their local management. If all goes well, then we will see "Twilight" sooner than we initially thought we would. ;) They were kind enough to promise to inform Twilight Coven Philippines as soon as the decision is made. We repeat: no definite decision has been made.

There have also been talks online about an IMAX release of the film in the U.S. As of now, Viva is not able to give us any definite word regarding an IMAX release in the Philippines. "Twilight" was not shot for the IMAX format, but a digital version of the movie is available, and with proper technology, it is possible for it to be shown in an IMAX theater. However, many technical tests would still have to be performed before "Twilight" can get the "all-clear" to be shown in an IMAX theater. Repeat: there is no definite word yet regarding an IMAX release for "Twilight" in the Philippines.

We wish we have more news to share today, but that is really all we are at liberty to post. There will be a lot of exciting things happening surrounding the release of "Twilight" in the Philippines. Please keep checking our blog (twilightcovenph.blogspot.com) for more information.

And please hold off writing any online petitions, okay? Let's give the local distributor a chance to make their decision. ;)

We know news travels fast in the Internet, and not always in an accurate manner, so to avoid being misquoted, we are requesting our readers NOT to repost this announcement to your communities, fansites, or personal blogs. We will appreciate it if you will just post a link to direct your readers/members here. Thanks. :)


  1. cleotie said...

    can't wait for the Movie. I love Edward Cullen *fangirl scream**

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