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Breaking Dawn Pre-Launch Party Report

To celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn, the conclusion to Stephenie Meyer’s widely-successful Twilight Saga, Powerbooks, Hachette Book Group, and Twilight Coven Philippines hosted the Breaking Dawn Pre-Launch Party on August 2, 2008 at Powerbooks Live! Greenbelt 4. The party was hosted by Tobbie Cadhit and Daene Luna.

Avid fans from all ages flocked the venue, sporting their Twilight-inspired shirts and costumes, to share their excitement over the upcoming book and to meet fellow Twilight fans in the Philippines. Attendees were greeted with a photo-op booth with the movie version of Edward Cullen, portrayed by Robert Pattinson, and a Twilight quotes board where fans can write their favorite lines inspired by the series. Snacks inspired by the series (read: Bella’s blood) were also offered before the program went underway.

Participants pretty much "squee'd" throughout the party, and the noise level could be described as unprecedented especially whenever the teaser trailers of the Twilight movie were shown. Twilight moms and guys were also in attendance, garnering a special mention from the hosts. Attendees were treated to games such as The Hunt, where selected fans were split into four groups and given clues that will lead them to different parts of the bookstore where they were required to complete tasks. Twilight Jeopardy, an intensely detailed quiz on everything related to Twilight, served as the high point of the party. Three finalists participated in this game, and after two grueling rounds, Veronica Ygoña from Team Edward emerged the winner.

Winners of the Twilight Fan Challenge, composed of the Fan Art and the Fan Photo challenges, were also awarded during the party. First place in the Fan Art Challenge went to Rafael Lagatic with his artwork entitled “Drifted to Sleep”, while First place in the Fan Photo Challenge went to Ma. Regina Goloy, who captioned her work "Because of Twilight, I tried the Cullen Family's diet... well, with a different twist in it". Prizes were courtesy of Powerbooks and Hachette Book Group.

With an afternoon full of fun and good-natured squee-ing, the Breaking Dawn Pre-Launch Party proved to be an exciting treat for all Filipino Twilight fans!

Check out more photos at the Powerbooks Multiply Site.

Sponsors: Country Style Donuts, Lipton Red Ice Tea, Potato Corner


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