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Twilight Retrospective Book Discussion Report

In the wake of the Breaking Dawn Pre-Launch Party, fans (and their parents!) gathered again in Powerbooks Live! Greenbelt 4 for the Twilight Retrospective Book Discussion last August 16, 2008. This event was organized by Powerbooks, Hachette Book Group, and Twilight Coven Philippines (TCP). The four administrators of TCP served as facilitators for the book discussion. Two weeks after the local release of Breaking Dawn, participants were ready (and raring) to share their insights about the entire series.

Facilitators broke the ice with a game of Twilight Charades; much to the astonishment of the organizers, both teams managed to finish their respective set of clues in just a little more than one minute.

The discussion followed the sequence of Breaking Dawn and incorporated these themes with the events of the previous three books.

The facilitators asked the audience to rate Breaking Dawn, and the ratings revealed the audience was a diverse group, with most people rating the book a "3" (They liked it, but they had several issues with it) and with some confessing that they didn't like the book that much. The differences in opinions proved to be what made the discussion an interesting and enlightening one. It was good to note that everyone’s thoughts were respected and participants were actively engaging in the discussion.

Three hours later, readers got to reminisce and be sentimental over the books as each reader was asked his or her favorite book, scene, and line in the series. The event concluded with yet another game, Twilight A-Z, where everyone’s speed and knowledge of the series were tested.

Reliving the pages of the Twilight series and sharing them with other Twilighters proved to be a worthwhile experience, and is something that we hope we will have the chance to do again soon.

Check out more photos at the Powerbooks Multiply Site.

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