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Film.com asks: "Summit and Twilight: Was a Bigger Budget Needed?"

Film.com has posted an article delving into the budget for the production of "Twilight" and comparing it to other vampire movies and other Summit Entertainment releases. The author asks: "Is $37 million enough? Or did Bella and Edward, and their Twilight fan following deserve (and need) a bigger first film allowance or a bigger-spending film studio?"

While it is true that compared to other franchises out there, the budget for "Twilight" doesn't even come close to the halfway mark, Summit does seem confident that their $37M will be put to good use by Catherine Hardwicke and the production people. Summit's usual production budget doesn't exceed $30M, since they are committed to producing mid-budget but high-quality films (or at least, that's what their corporate profile used to say), so in effect, "Twilight" is actually a big-budget film for them. Personally, I believe the big question here is: how efficiently did the producers use the $37M budget?

As for a bigger-spending film studio... we should remember that Paramount (a bigger-spending studio compared to Summit) used to have the rights for the "Twilight" film before Summit bought the option, but nothing ever happened to the project there.


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