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Peter Facinelli compares his roles in "Twilight" and "Can't Hardly Wait"

It's been 10 years since Peter Facinelli appeared as Mike Dexter in "Can't Hardly Wait", and MTV spoke to him about that and his role in "Twilight" as Carlisle Cullen. Peter explains why Carlisle may just let someone like Mike Dexter die instead of turning him into a vampire, how he bought his way into "Twilight" for $29.90, how the reshoots turned out, and if he can belch on cue. :p He also had this to say about "losing it" behind the scenes:

MTV: Is there any Facinelli footage of you losing it behind the scenes?

Facinelli: No. [Laughs.] I don't think so. But there might be. You'd have to check with the videographer on that.

MTV: Any Mike Dexter moments where everybody turned against you?

Facinelli: I think someone might have called me a f-- [like somebody did to Mike Dexter in "Can't Hardly Wait"]. I'm looking around and screaming, "Did someone just call Carlisle a f--?"

MTV: You're like, "Pattinson! I know it's you!"

Facinelli: Yeah, and then Carlisle screams, "I'll kick everyone's ass in this room!"

Click here to read the full story on MTV.com.


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