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Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Today, September 13, is Bella Swan-Cullen's birthday! The City of Forks also deemed this day as Stephenie Meyer Day. Read more on the festivities in Forks, Washington here.

As we've done before on Edward Cullen's birthday, we ask you: If you were to give Bella a uniquely Filipino gift, what would it be? Post your answer in the comments page. :)


  1. Babyshikiku said...

    A set of stakes, rosary and cruxifies... ha ha ha ala pilipino mob...

  2. ellie_liee said...

    a very very handsome filipino guy so that she'll fall for him and then edward will be mine. (i knw it's impossible. haha) :)) joke lng..

    uhmm..a specially made filipiniana plus hand-made bags and embroidery things. c: hahaha. plus filipino delicasies too! o.o ang dami! :p

  3. Anonymous said...

    I'd probably give her a tamaraw or something. LOL. since she's a vampire now, it'll be nice if she gets to taste an animal native to the philippines. (though i don't really know if the tamaraw is native here) LOL XD

  4. mairi said...

    an anting-anting, maybe? :P

  5. ayatheman said...

    i'll give her a book. About Filipinos, and the likes. :)

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