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FANTASTIC Twilight Character Standees at Glorietta 4!

We've just spotted the new big Twilight character standees (Cullens + Nomads) at the Glorietta 4 Cinema Lobby near the Sureseats counter. Bring your cameras! ;)


  1. mei said...

    is there a booth there? what are those girls in red doing there? :)tmx

  2. resident_nutty said...

    ah nope, that's the Ayala Mall Sureseats counter. the Twilight standee happened to become their "backdrop" of sorts, which is kind of a bummer since it's hard to take a picture without disturbing them.

    my hands were shaking when i took this pic, it's bigger than i thought it would be. too bad i was alone when i saw this, i wouldn't have hesitated to jump all over if there are other people with me, haha.

  3. mei said...

    aww too bad. i thought they were selling some merchandise or something. haha.

    maybe they put it behind the sureseats counter on purpose to avoid stealing of the standees. haha. i sure would want to get it! haha :P

  4. bam said...

    i saw one at sm north edsa....i have a picture but i haven't uploaded it yet...so excited...♥bam

  5. issa said...

    i saw a huge tarp on MoA. twilight is everywhere! haha.

  6. gliza irene said...

    ugh... until now i haven't seen one...


  7. sleepy said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. sleepy said...

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