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News Round-Up: October 4

Empire Magazine has launched their official guide to Twilight, Everything You Need to Know About Twilight, here.

Here's a nice group promo photo of the Twilight cast from Peter Facinellii's Official Website.

RopeofSilicon is asking a crucial question: Will Twilight be a box office hit? It is indeed a very relevant question, especially in the context of our local box office. Although we've been seeing more and more people of all ages reading the books, and bookstores selling so many copies that it isn't uncommon to be told that they are curently out of stock, this still isn't a guarantee that those numbers will translate to ticket sales. Twilight is still very much an unknown entity to a lot of Filipinos, which is probably why Viva is really doing their best to hype up the film and highlight different aspects of it to appeal to different genders and age groups.

Since it pretty much has cornered the teen movie market for November (don't mind James Bond too much), we would expect Twilight to post big enough numbers locally. As the RopeofSilicon article postulates, the numbers will really depend on how good the film turns out to be, and if moviegoers will actually want to see it more than once.

Apart from being a fan of the Saga, I am very interested in seeing Summit succeed in really making big money out of Twilight. It'll prove that good movies don't need uber budgets and too many bells and whistles. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On a related note, The Hollywood Reporter also has a similar article here.

But what do you guys think? Will you see Twilight over and over even if it doesn't meet your expectations? Please feel free to post your comments. :)

We've already reported that the big standees have started appearing in cinemas around Metro Manila. We've received more reports of sightings at TriNoma and Robinson's Galleria Ortigas, thanks to Mae and wuzzie at the Forums. :) You can see the photos that TCP readers have sent us here.


  1. myeth said...

    the article's pretty fine except for it's description of kellan lutz' character... i don't find him boring... he often provides the comedic relief at times when the situatioon gets serious...

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