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News Round-Up: October 11

Oh, wow, what's happening? Do they want the Twilighters to break the Internet? Seriously?

MORE photos have surfaced online! You can find them in our Multiply album here. Thanks to HGE.

The Movie Fanatic has posted their take on the final Twilight theatrical trailer here.

Inkworks has unveiled the list of the PIECEWORKS® Cards in their Twilight series. There are 12 different cards with fabric samples from the costumes worn in the movie. It'll be difficult to find them, since only 1 card in every shipping box is guaranteed, and these are available only in packs sold at hobby and comic stores. You can read more about them and see what the cards look like here.

About.com has an interview with Kellan Lutz here.

The LA Times spoke to Robert Pattinson about his songs that are included in the Twilight soundtrack. Rob said that Catherine Hardwicke decided to include his songs after listening to a CD that was given to her.

“When I went to see the cut, she’d put these two songs in. They’re old songs, but one of them specifically, it really made the scene better. It was like it was supposed to be there. It’s strange because what was supposed to be at that point in the movie was a big orchestral film climax. Instead it’s this little song with acoustic guitar. I’m singing it, maybe that makes it different, but it’s kind of overwhelming. I hope it’s overwhelming.”
- Rob Pattinson

Read the rest of this article here.

Lastly. The 7-inch Edward Cullen action figure is now available for pre-order at Forbidden Planet. The FP site does not have information on who the manufacturer of the figure is, and NECA still hasn't updated their site to indicate that they have already acquired the license for Twilight. We'll post more information on this as we get them.


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