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News Round-Up: October 13

The Movie Fanatic has completed part 1 of their Comprehensive Guide to Twilight. I must say, it is indeed comprehensive, and there is more information than I've seen in other so-called guides from other movie websites. Check it out here.

MediaBlvd Magazine interviewed Elizabeth Reaser about her new TV series on CBS entitled The Ex List. Wouldn't you know it, the name of her character is Bella Bloom! (It's as if there's some vampire voodoo juju going on, LOL.) She was asked a bit about Twilight and her role as Esme. Apparently, Elizabeth is a vegan in real-life, so she was happy that Esme is a vegetarian vampire. Read the full interview here.

mLive has a profile on Taylor Lautner, which mentions his new TV series, My Own Worst Enemy, with Christian Slater. He was asked a lot about Twilight and he also talked about the time he went into Borders unannounced during the release of Breaking Dawn and signed autographs until 2am. He didn't want to leave until everyone in line had their autograph and photo. This reminds me, personally, of Neil Gaiman everytime he's here in the country. We hope Taylor always remains as cool and humble as he is now. :)

Makeup411.com has a feature on Twilight make-up artist Jeanne Van Phue, where she discussed the challenges of conceptualizing how Bella and Edward will look in the film. There's also a list of cosmetics that she used specifically on Kristen and Robert. The feature spans two pages: Kristen's Make-up and Robert's Make-up. A bit of trivia: Ms. Van Phue said that Edward was initially supposed to have long hair, but they kept it short because they wanted to show Rob's jawline. Edward with long hair?! Uh... errr... thank goodness for Rob's amazing jawline! :p

Twilighters Anonymous reports that syndicated TV talk show, The Insider, will have a feature on "The Sexy Hunks of Twilight". It's supposed to air October 13th in the U.S., so watch out for this episode on October 14th, 10:30pm on 2nd Avenue. :)


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