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Help break the record!

Thanks to HisGoldenEyes for inspiring this idea...

There's a fan initiative to break the record for the most trailer views in one week on MySpace. The current record is being held by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with 4.1 million views in one week. The final theatrical trailer for Twilight has roughly 3.4 million views as of this writing, 3 days after it has been released.

We want to contribute to the initiative by giving you guys a bit of an incentive:
Watch the trailer again on MySpace, then name all the countries whose flags appear in that scene where you see the Philippine flag, 1:01 into the trailer. The first person who will send the correct names of ALL the countries will get a New Moon Temporary Tattoo and a Breaking Dawn Sticker from us! Send your answers to: tcppromos(at)gmail(dot)com

We know there are a lot of screencaps of that scene already, but if you don't go to MySpace to view the trailer again, then that defeats the purpose, right? :p So please access the trailer here (regular def) or here (high-def) on MySpace as you try to answer our question so that your view can be counted!

Good luck!

UPDATE: This is how geeky we are... There are 13 identifiable flags, if you look at the HD version. One of them is an old flag of a country, one was inverted when it was hung (naku, lagot), and one is an alternate flag/emblem. :) The 14th flag is a bit too difficult to positively identify, so we'll accept 13 answers. :)


  1. twilightangel2026 said...

    i have watched the trailer for like a million times already, and i have no intention of stopping (lol). go twilighters and let's beat that record!

  2. Mariae said...

    hello. hahaha. its now 4 million plus. I started this thing called "A 5 MILLION GOAL" yesterday, and a lot of people viewed it then it went "error' and i think its because of the views! i have a record and every 3 minutes its like going up by 500 views. :) I will post the link here!

    LINK: http://iluvtwilight.multiply.com/notes/item/1065

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