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News Round-Up: October 14th

Peter Facinelli has updated his website and posted yet another new movie still. This looks to be a flashback to when Carlisle cared for Edward when he was still human and suffering from Spanish influenza. There is also another photo of Edward from a familiar scene from the final theatrical trailer. You can see these and other movie images at our Multiply photo album.

Hayley Williams of Paramore has posted information about the Decode music video on the band's blog. The video now has a director attached to it:

most of you have probably heard the new track ("Decode") for Twilight. we're really stoked to have a couple of our songs on the movie. it's a great project to be a part of. i really feel like the entire series is an amazing story and, trendy or not, it can't really be denied. anyone who's read at least a chapter of one of the books will agree with me. the responses to to song have been awesome - thank you guys for getting into it and supporting the song and the project. next week we'll be shooting the video for "Decode" with our friend Shane Drake. he's coming down to our neck of the woods to do this one (can you say pressure video??). we'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Cinematical has a poll, asking their readers what they thought of the final theatrical trailer for Twilight here.

Meanwhile, Buzznet also wants to know: Who is the hottest cast member in Twilight? (Darn, I'm having a difficult time deciding....)


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