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News Round-Up: October 17

There is now an official website for the Twilight soundtrack. You can visit it by clicking here. Stand by for more local updates about the soundtrack, and don't forget to keep voting for "Decode" in your favorite radio stations. :)

MTV spoke to Kellan Lutz about the bands and fan music inspired by Harry Potter and Twilight. He's glad that the two book series spawned such great musical acts, and wishes that someone would make a John Grisham-inspired one. (LOL!) And in typical Emmett humor, he adds:

“There should be an Emmett band! Big old guys who are hunters, singing. With big grizzly beards. Emmett and the Cullens. Hey, let’s start it!”

Read the entire article here.

Film.com shared their thoughts about the Twilight soundtrack, click here to read the article.

Reelz Channel has a video guide to the cast and characters of Twilight. You can view the feature here.

TwilightNews.co.uk managed to catch up with Cam Gigandet when he was in London. They've posted their interview transcript here. Cam talked about James and Victoria, the games he played with Edi Gathegi on set, his tattoos, and what it's like to work with the other actors in Twilight. The patented Cam Pout which we first saw in the San Diego Comic Con Twilight panel also reappeared when he was reminded that James only appears in the first book/movie. From what we've seen of him on Twilight, we really wish Cam would be in the other movies, because, well... he doesn't disappoint! ;) Hey, maybe he could appear as another character if Summit decides to make the other movies....

The Entertainment Weekly issue featuring Robert Pattinson on the cover should be out on November 7 in U.S. newsstands.


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