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Administrator Post: TCP's Twilight Movie Spoiler Policy

Please read this policy before posting anything related to the Twilight film to avoid getting your posts deleted. 

1. Starting November 20 to December 1, most of the TCP forum is deemed a NO SPOILER ZONE, except for the thread entitled "TWILIGHT MOVIE SPOILER THREAD". Any discussions or reviews of the Twilight movie should NOT be posted outside of the spoiler thread, or else they will be deleted. 

2. Please be nice to people who do not want to be spoiled. The movie isn't showing here until November 26, and we want to give people time to see it over the long weekend. 

3. The administrators are asking for everyone's help in spotting posts that may contain links to reviews or plot points that are posted outside of the Spoiler Thread. Please report them at once so that we can move them to the Spoiler Thread. 

4. Starting December 2, we will consider it Open Season for Twilight Movie Spoilers, so please be warned. 

The Multiply Account will be primarily spoiler-free, but you may want to avoid the comments section, as that isn't as easily controlled as the Forum. 

The Main Blog will be spoiler-free, as all posts are controlled, and all comments are moderated. The Chatbox will be locked starting November 20, and will be back on December 2. 

The Plurk account's main posts will be spoiler free, but the comments may not be. There isn't much of a mechanism to control replies to plurks, so just be careful. 

The Twitter will be spoiler-free. 

If you have any other concerns, please send us an e-mail: 


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