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News Round-Up: November 20

Rob Pattinson has been chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive! [Wow, he beat Joshua Jackson and David Beckham! Wow. And that's all I can say. Robert Buckley at #5 *faints* Now, that's all I can say.] Thanks to Kit for the tip!

So whose kids are also entranced by Twilight aside from Obama's little girl? Well, Mike Mignola and Neil Gaiman's daughters. MTV interviewed Gaiman and Mignola, and they talked about their daughters' reactions to the books here.

MTV has a feature on the Cullen Family here.

Bella Sugar reveals how you can copy Kristen Stewart's Twilight premiere night make-up.

Spin.com has an interview with Paramore's Hayley Williams from the Twilight premiere here.

A new clip from the movie was shown during Peter Facinelli's appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. You can view the clip here.

Critic reviews of Twilight have already started to surface. You can read them via Rotten Tomatoes here. Please be warned that most have spoilers in them.

Novel Novice has a fan review of Twilight here. [Very minor spoilers, and a very well-written review.] Seth, Stephenie's brother and web master of her site, also posted his thoughts about the film here.

Alloy has interviews with Kellan Lutz, Rachelle Lefevre, Taylor Lautner, and Nikki Reed.


  1. Jei said...

    Clair, the Rotten Tomatoes review link and the Novel Novice review link is the same... I think.

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