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Philippine Daily Inquirer Interviews Rob and Kristen

Ruben Nepales of the Philippine Daily Inquirer has posted a transcript of his interview with Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart entitled "Twilight Zone of Screaming Adulation". You can read the article here. Mr. Nepales asked some interesting questions, and Rob is his usual entertaining self, so it's worth a look. :)

Also in the Inquirer, Ms. Anna Leah Sarabia, one of the organizers of "Twilight Takes Back The Night" which was held a few weeks ago at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, has a report about the event here.


  1. cullenize said...

    oh.. ive read that.. i was researching something at the library.. and.. i saw the newspaper.. and i thought of twilight.. and then i saw that article.. and i was hyperventilating haha. =) pina photocopy ko pa nga eh haha

  2. Anonymous said...

    Anna Leah?! :)) she's an organizer? wow. She's my Cousin. =)). Didn't know.

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