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Twilight Coven Philippines is a community of Filipino enthusiasts of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and her other works.

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TCP's Twilight Movie Contests (Part 3/3)

The last part (Part 3) of the contest! Again, many thanks to Sesomnhoj for providing the items. You can also view Part 1 and Part 2 of the contest where you can win other Twilight movie merchandise!

Once again, only TCP members residing in the Philippines are eligible to join. To be a TCP member, just register in our forum. All entries should be sent to tcppromos@gmail.com. Other entries received in other networks (twilightcoven mail, multiply, etc.) will not be acknowledged. Promo runs from November 26 to December 13.


Get to win (1) Borders Twilight 2009 Calendar and (1) Twilight Pin Set by sending in your pin design inspired by the Twilight movie. The winning pin design (to be decided by TCP administrators and Sesomnhoj) will also be made into a limited edition pin that will be part of TCP’s Twilight-Inspired Button Pins Wave 3. The runner-up of the contest will win (1) Edward and Bella Key Chain and (1) Edward Cullen Sticker. Read the rest of this post
1. Make a pin design using any text inspired or lifted from the Twilight movie. Use your creativity. Official images (from the Twilight movie and from the Twilight saga books) are not allowed, but you can use your own artwork.
2. Save your design in JPEG format (.jpg). Use the image below for the dimensions of your pin (click on the image and save; design should be within the circle):
3. Send your pin as an attachment to tcppromos@gmail.com with the subject: Pin Design Contest. For the body of your e-mail send in your name, age, contact number, and TCP forum username. Only one design is allowed for every TCP member.


  1. maphnie said...

    hey, how many entries can we submit? thanks. I got tons of ideas.


  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Uh... in the mechanics, we said na one entry per member only. :)

  3. maphnie said...

    oops! my bad. thanks!

  4. Camille said...

    until when is the promo?

  5. resident_nutty said...

    please read the entry thoroughly before commenting/asking, thanks :)

  6. Jewel said...

    Hey TCP!

    Where do you post the winners of your contests?

  7. Contest-Gal said...

    I have an idea on what to do but sad to say I am so late for the competition..better luck next time:)

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