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Local Box Office Update: Keanu Blasts Twilight Off The Top Spot

It seems the Only-2-Weeks-Max-At-#1 curse struck again, as Keanu Reeves' The Day The Earth Stood Still toppled Twilight from the number one spot in the Philippine Box Office last week. This year, only Iron Man and 10,000 B.C. were able to break the trend and stayed at #1 for 3 weeks.

For the period of December 10-14, Twilight raked in an additional PhP1.6 million ($336,430), bringing the local haul to a total of PhP169.3 million ($3.5M) in 3 weeks.

Worldwide, Twilight now has a total gross of $202.6 million to date.

UPDATE: Twilight has surpassed The Dark Knight's local gross, and is now the #3 Top Grossing Movie this year! Now all it has to do is rake in a bit more ticket sales to get to number one! There's only less than a million dollars separating Twilight, A Very Special Love, and Iron Man. Thanks, Cygnus!

REMEMBER: Twilight is showing in cinemas until December 24, so let's watch it a few more times before the MMFF season! If you're on your nth showing, why not try seeing it in Gateway's Dolby Digital Cinema (there's a promo, too) to get the maximum sparkle effect?

Data Source: Box Office Mojo


  1. Cygnus said...

    What blows my mind is that this tiny, little film beat out the overall Philippine box office haul of "The Dark Knight" and is now 2008's third highest grossing film behind Iron Man and A Very Special Love!

    Ang lupit talaga!

  2. twilightangel2026 said...

    i do agree...people should watch twilight again sa digital....really maximum sparkle effect!!! LOL

  3. Rome said...

    @Cygnus: I share your awe. It's really phenomenal what Pinoy Twilighters can do.

    For those who're planning to watch in Gateway's digital format, call the cinemas first since there are limited screening hours already. But watching it in that format is definitely an experience you shouldn't miss. *free advert alert*

    Cheers! c,')

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