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Local Twilight Updates: December 2

The Vanity Fair December issue that includes a feature on Twilight, is now available in local bookstores and magazine shops. We know it's available in Fully Booked, Mag:Net and Bufini, but other stores should also carry it. Thanks to carambs for the tip.

InStyle Magazine, also with the Twilight feature, is now available in various magazine shops.

If you want a nice photo op with the Haagen-Dazs "A Taste of Twilight" poster, drop by the Haagen-Dazs Cafe at Glorietta 3! Thanks to Peachy for the photo.

Also, Gateway Cineplex 10's Dolby Super Digital Cinema is the only cinema where you can watch Twilight in its digital format. People who've watched Twilight there told us that the movie really looked gorgeous and the sound is crystal clear. Gateway Cineplex 10 is also giving people who've watched Twilight at their Dolby cinema, a chance to win the Twilight Saga books and a Fossil watch in their Watch and Win promo. For more information about the promo, click here. Thanks to Ms. Shella of Gateway Cineplex who accommodated us during the Mall Invasion last Saturday, and to Irezza for sending a link to the mechanics of the promo.

Twilight and Twilight Coven Philippines were featured on last night's episode of The Beat in QTV. Thanks to DJ, Ms. Vanessa, and the rest of the The Beat crew for accommodating us.

Lastly, the guest list for Warner's Twilight Soundtrack Launch Party is now closed. If you already have a copy of the Soundtrack and you would like to attend the event, you can just go to the Glorietta 3 Tent on Saturday and purchase a copy of Fudge Magazine at the entrance to get an event pass. If you don't have a copy of the Soundtrack, you can buy one at the event as well, and you will also get a pass to the Launch Party upon purchase. If you bought Fudge or the Soundtrack elsewhere, you cannot get an event pass (unless you're in the guest list) - you have to purchase the magazine or the CD AT THE EVENT. We hope that's clear.


  1. Karengkeng said...

    how do we know if we're on the guest list\ like, example, we sent an e-mail about the info, does that automatically count us on the GL?


  2. Clair de Lune said...

    Uh, we just updated the original post http://twilightcovenph.blogspot.com/2008/11/twilight-soundtrack-launch-party.html and we said people should wait for a confirmation e-mail from us.

  3. gizelle ü said...

    How much's the magazine? Thanks.

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