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Miscella-News: December 2, Part 2

Variety.com has a preview of Rob Pattinson's next film, Little Ashes, where he plays the artist Salvador Dali. Click here to view the video via Film School Rejects.

The LA Times explores why Breaking Dawn will be difficult to make into a film.

Remember those old painted movie billboards you used to see in the Quiapo or Cubao area? Well, they haven't been entirely forgotten in this era of sleek tarp billboards. Remar Cinema in Cubao still has these old-fashioned billboards, and guess what's showing this week?

Thanks to Rome for her perseverance in getting this photo. We thought this was such a typical Pinoy thing, we really MUST get a photo! :)

Fandom Live!, a video podcast that explores different fandoms, has posted their review of Twilight here. Fandom Live is produced by the folks at Fandom Café, the headquarters of the New Worlds Alliance. Thanks to Jovan for the link, and a special shout-out to Nick and all the Fandom Live crew!


  1. cleotie said...

    twilight is 3rd on the list of top 10 trailers of 2008. Link here: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/top-trailers-of-2008-3.html#watch

  2. Mariae said...

    omg, nbsa nyo ba yung sa La times. about breaking dawn? - grabe. ang loserr. sorryyy. breaking dawn is the best movie to end twilight!

  3. Mariae said...

    How can it be 3rd only? Have they included views from myspace and youtube?? and my home views! - its 200 plus! :))

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