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News Round-Up: December 16

There's some bad news today. View Point Inn, the place where the prom scenes for Twilight were shot, was damaged by fire Sunday night. Click here for more details, and here to visit the Inn's official website.

Kristen Stewart asserts that that steamy scene in Twilight isn't a make-out scene at all... then Robert Pattinson blushes.

Peter Facinelli's wife, Jennie Garth, discusses how she and Peter feel about the change in New Moon's direction.

Wanna know how the other fans reacted in response to the news about Chris Weitz's appointment as the new captain of the New Moon Express? Reelz Channel has an article about that. And if, Carlisle forbid, you have not heard of Chris Weitz ever, MTV has an article that may help you.

New Moon Telenovela Update: I did say in a previous post that there isn't much about Twilight that can really surprise me... unless Carlisle shows up on my doorstep to propose marriage to me. However, I think I'll have to expand my "surprise gauge", because this news item made me almost fall out of my office chair then totally left me speechless (in a good way, because I'm a fan, as the other admins would attest)... MTV is reporting that Ben Barnes, star of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, is pursuing the role of Aro, one of the Volturi. MTV is also confirming the rumours that Michael Copon is actively pursuing the role of Jacob Black. [Photo: Teaser poster for "Dorian Gray", starring Ben Barnes (Source: ShockTillYouDrop and American Film Market 2008)]


  1. Thea said...

    What happened to the shoutbox?

  2. anne said...

    ben barnes? hmm that'll be interesting :)
    i love how british people are in fiction movies lol

  3. Anonymous said...

    oh my god.... Ben Barnes!! pwede!! :)

  4. Anonymous said...

    they deleted it. i think 'cause people are chatting in the chat box aka shoutbox.

  5. lexaprone said...

    Oooh. First, C.S. Lewis, than Oscar Wilde! Ben Barnes is piling up the creds! That's more than enough for him to step up in the race to be Aro.:)

  6. Jei said...

    There's this petition going online where you can vote for Ben Barnes for the role of Aro. I found it waaaay back. And I voted, of course! Hehe!

  7. TIKisokA said...

    I so love Ben Barnes
    in Narnia..
    Hmmmm he can make a good Aro
    next to Peter's Carlisle!

  8. ynz said...

    they should cast STEVEN STRAITfor jacob!
    check this:


  9. Rome said...

    I haven't watched Prince Caspian but Ben Barnes as Aro??? Hmmm...

    Pwede!!! Not a bad casting choice. Very brave/cool of Ben Barnes if he gets the chance to do it. =]

  10. dmeej91 said...

    i hope they STEVEN SRTAIT will be playing the role of jacob in NEWMOON..
    i hope..BEN BARNES???
    uhhmm, it's okay!!

  11. Anonymous said...

    what were your criteria of choosing the attendees of the Cullen Christmas party? im really sad about this. i know a lot of people would be willing to cash out money to participate in this kind of events. good planning would have prevented this.

  12. Anonymous said...

    I believe that Ben BArnes would be the perfect ARO. He's a versatile actor, can do many accents and gorgeous that he could definitely pass for a vampire anytime.

    After all, I don't remember Aro being described in the book as someone physically old. NOr is he wrinkly and sagging.

    And if Ben did get the role. I would definitely switch to TEAM ARO!! HAHA!

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