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Twilight the Soundtrack Launch Party

To continue the celebration surrounding the release of the Twilight movie, the Twilight Soundtrack Launch Party was held in the Glorietta Tent on December 6, 2008 at 4PM. This event is for the launch of "Twilight: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack", which has been available in local stores since November 18. The event was made possible by Warner Music Philippines, Fudge Magazine, the Ayala Malls, Viva International Pictures, Focus Media, Hatchette Book Group USA, Yoshinoya, One Tea Plus, JBL, Olympus, Sennheizer, Haagen-Dazs, Levi’s 501 and Pony.

Attendees got treated to an afternoon of games, music, and good food from the sponsors. Those who bought a copy of Fudge Magazine during the event got to take home a 18x24 Twilight poster, which showcased the entire main cast of the film. On the other hand, those who bought Paramore's sophomore album, Riot!, got to take home a Paramore t-shirt. Attendees also got to pose with models dressed as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. [Photos will be posted in the Fudge Magazine Multiply account].

The event was hosted by DJ Sam YG of Magic 89.9 (catch him on Boys Night Out, 9PM to 12MN, Mondays to Thursdays at Magic 89.9), while Twilight Coven Philippines assisted in the facilitation of the games. Participants got a chance to win books from the Twilight saga, pins, posters, Paramore shirts, and trading cards. There are also winners who got to take home a prize from Pony and jeans from Levi's 501 (lucky them!).

Of course, the highlights of the party were the musical acts lined up by Warner Music Philippines. The bands performed their original songs and two bands covered Decode by Paramore (which were spot on, good job!). The bands who performed, in order of appearance, were: Ex-dees, AEF, Faintlight, Nyctinasty, and Urbandub. Gabby Alipe of Urbandub even asked who among the people belong to Team Edward :)

The party ended with an awarding ceremony for those who came in Twilight-inspired outfits. Minami (Rosalie), Tom (Jacob), and Claire (Bella) of TCP were given HUGE trading card print-outs of Edward, Bella, and James respectively.

The Twilight Coven Philippines administrators would like to thank Warner Music Philippines, Fudge Magazine, and the other sponsors for including TCP in their event. Congratulations to all the winners (Minami, have fun with your Edward) and it was great seeing the TCP members who attended the event.

Keep checking here for more Twilight information in the Philippines, and upcoming Twilight-related events.

* check out our multiply site for pictures during the event (thanks G!) and the Fudge Magazine multiply for more pictures; check our forum for more discussions regarding this event.


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