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Spot-the-Costume Contest Winners!

Congratulations to those who won TCP's Spot-the-Costume Contest! The question is: “In which scene do the Edward and Bella costumes featured in Barnes and Noble Seattle’s Window Display FIRST APPEAR TOGETHER in the Twilight movie?”

Answer: It's a trick question actually, the costumes in the display DO NOT APPEAR TOGETHER AT ALL in the Twilight film. Bella's costume appears in the Port Angeles scene, as most of the entries have asserted. However, Edward's shirt during that scene (and successively, clearly shown in La Bella Italia) is actually darker than the one in the display. Edward's costume appears in the meadow scene. If you would notice, his shirt is lighter and fits the one in the display (and may also explain why Sesomnhoj noticed that there are mud, etc. on his shoes). Click on the images for a closer look.

So congratulations to those who got it right! You win (1) Twilight movie poster and (1) Twilight bookmark:

Erika Y.
Justine E.
Altrina L.

Please wait for your confirmation letter for instructions on how to claim your prizes.

Once again, we thank everyone who sent in their entries. Be sure to check the site regularly for upcoming contests. We will post the winners of the Twilight Fan Review Contest, Twilight Movie Day Photo Contest, and Button Pin Design Contest during the week.


  1. Patsy said...

    oh. now that you said it, the other one is much lighter. haha. i thought it was just the light.

  2. Anonymous said...

    yeaaa. i so thought it was just the lighting since they do different lights in the movie.

    but still, it should have been that scene in port angeles :(
    hey but in that scene, it was meant to be dark???so it means that it's the same costume? cause they did not put those costumes in display together if they didnt appear in the film together...
    get my point?

  3. Anonymous said...

    Wala bang consolation prize for the Port Angeles scene non winners? Since tatlo lang naman yung nanalo.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Wala bang consolation prize for the one who answered Port Angeles scene? Since three lang naman yung nanalo and you need five, right?

  5. minami said...

    actually, it is entirely possible that they put those costumes together despite not appearing together in the movie. mayhaps it was the only costumes that could be spared to be displayed in that store.

  6. thine said...

    oyeah! :) haha. CONGRATULATiONS to me :D THANKS TCP! :D


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