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News Round-Up: December 19

'Tis the season for year-end awards, and this year, it's not only the famous people who got recognized. MTV News has decided to give their Woman of the Year Award to The Twilighters! Larry Carroll writes:

If you're one of the millions of women who live and die by "Twilight," please take a quick glance into the nearest mirror — because MTV News' Woman of the Year is you.

Our sincerest apologies to male Stephenie Meyer lovers, Kaleb the Twilight Guy and, well, me. But even Forks fans of the testosterone persuasion have to admit that "Twilight" is a franchise driven by sincere, shrieking and borderline-stalker female fans.

Well, thank YOU, MTV! :) And thank you, Ashley and Taylor!

Meanwhile, Stephenie Meyer was named one of MSN Lifestyle's Most Influential Women of 2008. Click here to read the citation. USA Today usually proclaims a Book of the Year, but the Twilight Saga has been such a hit, they decided to declare Steph as the Author of the Year instead. Congrats, Steph!

ET Online went straight to Disney to find out if Robert Pattinson really is in the running for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Disney says NO. I knew it. ;)

IGN interviewed Catherine Hardwicke in time for the movie's UK opening.

In an interview with The Improper, Kristen Stewart explained how she initially hated Bella's character when she read the script for Twilight but changed her mind later upon discovering more about the character and Edward Cullen.

Cosmo listed 30 of the Hottest Guys of 2008, and Rob Pattinson and Peter Facinelli are on the list! While you're at it, check out Impossible Fascination's exclusive interview with Peter here.

Today, in the New Moon Telenovela: Taylor Lautner clarified some of the rumours about the casting for Jacob Black. He explained to MTV's Larry Carroll that nobody has said that he's not in the running at all, and that some of the news regarding his efforts to land the role are a bit exaggerated. The only thing he's been doing is working out (he's gained 19 pounds since Twilight wrapped!), and Larry attests to the very noticeable change in Taylor's physique. Taylor will also be meeting with director Chris Weitz in a couple of days, so cross your fingers if you want Taylor to be back for New Moon! Taylor also called out co-star Ashley Greene and asked her to choose between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Ashley showed her support by saying:

"Right now I'm gonna be on Team Jacob because I'm really, really rooting that you stay and that you play Jacob in the second one."

EDITED TO ADD (4:31 PM): CelebsGoneGood have an interview with Peter Facinelli, where he talks about his favorite charities, helping out, and what he wants for Christmas. [Oh my Carlisle, can all the girls here have a guy like you for Christmas, Pete?]


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    Twilight: The Score is already available in Music One, Glorietta. Weeeee!

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