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News Round-Up: December 8

Twilight premiered in Munich, Germany last December 6. Click here to view more pictures from the event via Everglow.

MTV has news about Jackson Rathbone and his work for his new movie, Dread.

Bonnie Hunt's "Bonnie's Basement" fundraiser for cancer research is auctioning off celebrity items, including Peter Facinelli's donations: the ring he wore as Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight film, and a boxed set of Twilight Saga signed by some of the cast of Twilight. You can find out more about the auction at bonniehunt.com.

Examiner.com has an interesting formal debate going on between people who loved the Twilight film and those who hated it. The debaters will answer 4 questions, and 1 and 2 have now been posted here.

Newsweek examines why vampires are all the rage these days... or as always.

Test your knowledge of Twilight and take the Rotten Tomatoes Twilight Quiz via the Twilight Lexicon!

Movieweb has an interview with Peter Facinelli here. [There really isn't anything new in the article, but I'm posting the link here just because it's Peter Facinelli. :p ]


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    Uh, Rob, what is up with that jacket?!

  2. minami said...

    rob likes that jacket, i gather. XD he's been seen wearing it more than a few times.

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