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News Round-Up: December 6

Catherine Hardwicke reveals why a certain scene in Twilight always makes her teary-eyed.

Variety has a feature on how female directors are now challenging the status quo in Hollywood by receiving critical acclaim and being successful in the box office.

Catherine Hardwicke and Kristen Stewart are interviewed by BBC News.

Finally, Rob Pattinson wants the fans to answer a question:

Twilight News: ‘When you walk into a room now, do you feel out of place if no one screams at you?’

Rob (laughs): ‘It’s really weird. You run a website, can you ask the readers this question? Did people scream while reading the books? I want to know!’


  1. Patsy said...

    you're getting there.. squealing actually..

  2. Rome said...

    No Rob, I didn't scream. I swooned! =]

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