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News Round-Up: January 11

The Twilight DVD will be available in the US on March 21, 2009 as confirmed in Stephenie Meyer's website (thanks Issa for the info). We'll keep you posted once we find out information regarding the local release date. You can also pre-order the DVD in Amazon, where it is already the number one bestselling DVD in movies and TV.

Given the line-up of movies for 2009, Entertainment Weekly dubs the year as the Year of the Werewolf. As expected, New Moon is included as one of the movies contributing to this title.

Now for our star werewolf, Tribute has an article on Taylor Lautner getting the role for Jacob Black. To more, ahem, interesting news, let's check out Taylor's progress in the physical department. Taylor has an interview by E! regarding beefing up for his role in New Moon. Access Hollywood also features Taylor's beefed up bod (man, I think we'll be using the words beefed up for quite a while; pictures of the actor are also up c/o WireImage).

Check out articles from Boxwish, Design Tavern, and Apartment Therapy regarding the site used for the Cullen mansion in the Twilight film. The Apartment Therapy link features Edward's bedroom in particular.


  1. Mariae said...

    number 1 na..hindi pa release. nice :)

  2. kymishcullen said...

    can't wait.. twi-hards are soooo great.. sana 1st week of april ang release ng dvd here para vacation na and may pera pa mga tao.. :P:P

    twilight all the way!! :P:P

  3. Rome said...

    Oooh! Number 1 already? Go Twilighters! That's some fan power were talking about. How's that naysayers! =P

    Wow, Taylor is indeed beefed-up! And what a change that is. Goodness, Rob needs to build some muscle tone to match. Good luck! =]

  4. lexaprone said...

    "Beefed up!"

    It is the Year of the Ox, after all...

    (Mmm...Ox meat IS beef too, isn't it? Or Not?)

    Anyways, I'm just soooo glad that it's Taylor, and no one else.:)

    Just a question about the imdb update on the cast: The Cullens are all there EXCEPT Peter and Elizabeth. Charlie's missing too. Kinabahan tuloy ako. But in Claire de Lune's post re: casting call, only the wolves and the Volturi are currently being cast...

  5. Sherlene said...

    Hooray! Cheers to Twilight!

  6. sym19 said...

    hi.. will this 2-disc special edition dvd be released here sa phil.?? or ung ordinary na DVD lng ung irerelease dito??

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