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News Round-Up: January 10

ExtraTV caught up with Rachelle Lefevre and Ashley Greene at the 8th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview. Both said they were very happy to learn that Taylor Lautner would be back to reprise his role as Jacob Black in New Moon. Click here to watch the interview.

MTV has an interview with Jackson Rathbone from a recent concert of 100 Monkeys (Jackson's band). The actor said he's excited to film his scenes for New Moon, specifically, that pivotal scene in the first few chapters where Jasper gets really... ah... involved. ;) Click here to read the full story.

Inspire Magazine has a very cool interview with Solomon Trimble (Sam Uley in Twilight). We learn more about Sam's experiences on the set, his Twilight Fan encounters, and about the celebrity he really enjoyed meeting [Hint: I would have LOVED to meet this celebrity too. :p] Click here to read the full interview.

Times of the Internet has a short piece about Taylor getting the Jacob role in New Moon.

Publisher's Weekly has a report about the books that flew off the US shelves in December 2008. Most of them were children's and young adult books, and of course, the Twilight books were mentioned:

Children’s books proved to be one of the most recession-resistant segments of the book business this holiday season, with the Twilight series and the latest from J.K. Rowling leading the pack. Stephenie Meyer’s vampire books had the added distinction of being the hardest to keep in stock. At BookPeople in Austin, Tex., where getting enough copies of New Moon caused the biggest headache, “Meyer sales alone were actually 5% of our kids’ sales, which is staggering,” noted children’s book buyer Meghan Dietsche Goel in a posting on the ABC listserv.


  1. Anonymous said...

    The Sam in Twilight is tooo thin. T_T he's supposed to be like REALLY big. plus, he doesn't look as hot. ahaha. and i feel he looks waaaay old T_T

  2. mae said...

    OH my gosh. Look how buff Taylor is now! Look at his biceps! He gained 26 pounds already!


    Someone is horny. Hahahahahaha! :))

  3. mae said...

    Wait wait. I forgot the link to the photos. Haha.


  4. Rome said...

    I heart Solomon Trimble! After reading what he's done for Twilight in the movie companion and now this interview... Speechless! Love the poem he created for Emily. Hay! Don't they dare re-cast Sam; he should be back for New Moon, IMO! =]

  5. kymishcullen said...

    puppy dog?? haha.. i really don't like solomon as sam, he doesn't have the looks..

    taylor is perfect for jacob.. his muscles look WOW!!

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