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News Round-Up: January 9

Empire Online has selected the 50 Films That Defined 2008. Twilight is part of the list:

The first adaptation of the cult novels boasts great performances and a stunning aesthetic. Scream!

Defining Moment
When Edward bites into Bella's flesh to extract nasty vampire poison, will he be able to resist feasting on her blood?

Click on the link above to view the complete list.

Catherine Hardwicke will be inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame. Click here to read the full story.

Hot Topic
now also has the NECA Edward Cullen Action Figure up for pre-order on their site. MTV also has an article about it here.

Reelz Channel has a video update about New Moon.

Spoiler.tv got a hold of the casting call for New Moon here. The first thing I noticed was that Aro was missing from the list. Fortunately, Lana Veenker, who was one of the casting directors for Twilight, has just posted an update about New Moon on her blog, and she also answered my question:

"If a major role is not listed on the breakdown at all, this usually means that the role has been cast, is currently in negotiation or is only open to name actors, so the CDs (casting directors) are not seeking submissions from talent agents at this time."

[This really got me thinking... could this have anything to do with it? No, no, CdL. Don't get your hopes up too much...]


  1. mae said...

    Hehehe. This is really ireelevant but, I really like the little icon thing that moves. It's so cute.

  2. Rome said...

    Yey for Catherine! That's so cool. However, sorry HT/NECA/Tonner, the Edward doll looks like David Boreanaz to me. Maling bampira! Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    @mae: I adore the icon too. =]

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