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Twilight is back in local theatres

In case you guys still feel like watching Twilight again, it surprisingly is back in selected theatres! Here's a list of cinemas that are still showing Twilight:

Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5
Makati City

Padre Faura Cinema 2

Robinsons Bacolod Cinema 4
Bacolod City

Robinsons Galleria Cinema 1
Pasig City

Robinsons Iloilo Cinema 5
Iloilo City

SM City Fairview Cinema 2
Quezon City

SM City Manila 12

SM City North Edsa Cinema 2
Quezon City

SM Megamall Cinema 2
Mandaluyong City

SM Sta. Mesa Cinema 10
Quezon City

Sta Lucia East Cinema 4

Click here to go to ClickTheCity.com for the screening schedules.


  1. Nica said...

    wow. tnx. ill watch it again :)

  2. TINapay said...

    This is welcome news! I was disappointed that when I finally had time to go to the movies over the holidays, all there was to see were unfunny comedies. Good thing I was able to catch Twilight shortly after it opened. I'd like to see it again now that there's hopefully less screaming and sighing =)

  3. dessea said...

    yay! megamall...great! gonna watch again ^__^
    thanks for the notice...

  4. Rome said...

    It's also screening in Gateway! Wee! Shall I make it a 10-movie record now? LOL. =]

  5. Walp said...

    because of this development, twilight is the number one hollywood movie for 2008 besting ironman..

    1. TWILIGHT - 179.16 M

    2. IRON MAN - P174.18 M

    it comes 2nd though to A Very Special Love which grossed P179.23 million

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