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News Round-Up: 19 February 2009

Access Hollywood spoke to Peter Facinelli at the 11th Annual Costume Designers' Guild Awards, and Dr. Carlisle talked about his preparations for New Moon, which is expected to start shooting next month. Click here to watch the video. Thanks to Rachel of NBC-Access Hollywood for the alert.

MTV was at Toy Fair 2009, and they've put up this video interview with NECA's Director of Product Development, Randy Falk. NECA showcased their Twilight merchandise at the Fair, and revealed that, along with the Edward/Bella Action Figure Set and the Alice Cullen figure, they will be coming out with about 5 more action figures in time for the release of New Moon. Click here for our previous report about the new action figures.

Carter Burwell's work on the musical score for Twilight was nominated for Best Original Score for a Horror/Thriller Film at the International Film Music Critics Awards. Click here for more information.

If you're interested, you can now view the trailer for Twilight that's being shown in Japan for the release of the film over at Everglow.

Lastly, Entertainment Weekly is debunking the recent Internet rumours about Madonna (yes, THE Madonna) joining the cast of New Moon. But since Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer for the film, the people involved think it'll be cool if one of her songs will be included in the soundtrack. But that's exactly what the status of the whole thing is -- people think it's gonna be cool. There are no negotiations going on yet.

Question for the day: If Madonna will be in the New Moon soundtrack, which Madonna song do you think should be included and why, or do you think they should write an original song for her to perform specifically for the film? Please do comment. :)


  1. Eira Solidor said...

    Well, it's not really Madonna's but she wrote it anyway. But I think it really fits for New Moon. Hehe.

    Each Time You Break My Heart
    written by Madonna and Stephen Bray
    Time: 4:03
    Each time you break my heart
    Each time you break my heart

    I know how it feels to be the talk of the town
    I'm not gonna let you go and run around
    I need to know that you'll be true to me
    'Cause that's the way it's got to be

    Why can't you give your promise to me
    Is love so blind that you cannot see
    I'm trying hard not to walk out the door
    Know that I, oh, know that I can't take no more


    Each time you break my heart
    I try to put my pride aside
    Each time you break my heart
    A little voice inside me cries

    No matter what you do or say
    I'm gonna love you, I'm gonna love you anyway
    And if you're so sure that I'm not your kind
    How come you can't just walk away

    In the beginning we were nothing but glad
    Those were the best days that we ever had
    There's no compassion, all your warmth is gone
    Tell me how, oh, how can I keep holding on



    I see the look in your eyes
    I know you're hurting inside
    Let me try
    To make you love me again
    I'll say that I knew you when
    You were mine
    You were mine

    Each time, oh, yeah

    In the beginning we were nothing but glad
    Those were the best days that we ever had
    There's no compassion, all your warmth is gone
    Tell me how, oh, how can I keep holding on



    Each time you break my heart again
    Well I can say I knew you when [each time]
    You were mine

    Break my heart
    Don't break my heart
    (repeat and fade)

  2. Rome said...

    I think they should create a new song for her to perform. I'm looking forward for Madonna to be part of the soundtrack than some tween boy group. It'll be exciting what she'll do for it.

    I hope the vibe of the song would be somewhat like those featured in her Ray Of Light album. I'm suddenly having flashbacks for the following songs: Frozen, The Power Of Goodbye, and Drowned World/Substitue For Love. =]

  3. Clair de Lune said...

    OMC, I love "Frozen". :D

  4. kymish said...

    LOL on the trailer airing in Japan!! i think people out there would have a hard time on concentrating on edward's face since they have to read subtitles :)

  5. resident_nutty said...

    eto joke time, Ray of Light, tapos tutugtog siya dun na sa pagpapalabas pa lang si Edward sa Volterra plaza to "expose" himself, LOL

  6. Rome said...

    LOL @ resident_nutty's post! I had a feeling something like that was going to come out. Hindi lang Ray of Light yun pag nagkataon... RAYS of Light! From Sparkle in Twilight, To Rays in New Moon. Paano na pag Eclipse? Laser? Hahaha!

  7. wolffia said...

    i would've like Beautiful Stranger although it'll brought up Austin Power mems... LOL!

  8. lexaprone said...


    I don't know if it's 100% appropriate. I just keep seeing Kristen in leggings, ridiculous hoop earrings, and a big hair bow. :)

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