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News Round-Up: 28 February 2009

There's lots of coverage of the Japan premiere of Twilight all over the internet, but we have a whole series from the perspective of our friends from Twilight Singapore.

Part 1 with photos and details from the Press Conference are here. There are more to come from the Red Carpet and the actual Premiere. Thanks to Aishah, Maria and Nasyita of Twilight Singapore for all the updates. :)

There's more about Rob and Hugh Jackman's karaoke session at JustJared here.

MTV has picked up yesterday's buzz about Drew Barrymore being considered to direct Eclipse.

Twilight fan and film student, Maggie (ScullingOnSquam) has more about her time on the set of Twilight here.

Solomon Trimble is a guest on Olivia Wilder Times on BlogTalkRadio.com today. The show will be on in 7 minutes (as of this posting). Click here for more info. You can also use the site's chat feature to ask Solomon some questions. Thanks to Nicole for the heads-up.


  1. mei said...

    Aaaaack! Rob looked directly at their camera! It's like he's looking straight at me (or whoever's looking at the pictuer). It makes you (well, some people) feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ;P

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