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News Round-Up: 31 March 2009

Today's big news: Chris Weitz has apparently found his Caius. BBC News is reporting that 20-year-old British actor Jamie Campbell-Bower has revealed that he has been cast as Caius in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Campbell-Bower would be best remembered by most local fans as Anthony Hope, the love interest of Joanna in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Summit has not confirmed this report. Thank you to Mary Grace for sending in the link.

Examiner.com looks into how "Rob Pattinson can prepare for the spotlight and scrutiny", more of which, are coming as we get closer to the release of New Moon.

So, what do you folks think of Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius? Does he seem right for the part? Post your answer in the comments.


  1. Clair de Lune said...

    As I've already posted in the TCP forums, I personally think Jamie seems too young for the part. Casting him means that Chris Weitz is probably going for casting a younger set of actors to play the Volturi, unless Stephenie Meyer actually told them the ages of Aro, Marcus, and Caius.

    I still think that casting actors nearer to Peter Facinelli's age is a better way to go so that it'll seem more likely that Carlisle hung out with these guys for a time and they were sort of contemporaries. I just hope he can act much older than he is now.

  2. Jei said...

    I think he's too young to play Caius. I mean, he's even younger than Robert Pattinson!

    I agree with you, Clair. They should've cast an actor around his 30s, or even late 20s.

  3. rhiancallyxMERAZ said...

    That's what we've been discussing at the office during break and in-between work today (hehe) he's too young to play Caius, BUT we all agreed he COULD play a vampire because he has that "look." He reminds me of a younger Eric Northman in True Blood. =P But you know, maybe they can pull it off, with makeup and hair color and all... =) This news makes me even more anxious to know who will play Aro.

  4. Ronald said...

    Maybe they're going for the 'Claudia' effect, to quote another vampire series. It's always unnerving to see someone so young-looking be vicious.

  5. Jei said...


    - Yeah. He's like a young Eric! =)

    As for the actor who will play Aro, I'm still hoping and praying (really hard) that Ben Barnes will be it. Hehe!

  6. Jacke said...

    At first look of the pic, I thought he's a girl! XD

    Why, if Caius is a 20 year old, the rest of the Volturi will be like him. I don't remember Meyer describing the family to be old in appearance but either way I am under the impression that the Volturi is not THAT young. XD

  7. Tech Fatale said...

    I don't remember SM describing the Volturi's age either. Perhaps someone here can give us the book and the chapter if there is any?

    Perhaps they can still pull this one off despite casting actors this young. However, I'm having problem imagining him as one of the Volturi because his role in Sweeney Todd is still kinda stuck in my head.

    (sing) I feel you... Joanna...

    See? LOL

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