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News Round-Up: 1 April 2009

This one's for the ladies... and Twilight Gay, of course: Celebuzz has an article listing 7 Things We Need To Know About Alex Meraz. Click the link, and please try not to stop breathing. :p

LaineyGossip has some photos of Kristen and Taylor on-set. [Oh dear. I think I like Kristen's wig from Twilight better.   -CdL]

Kristen was interviewed by The LA Times, where she commented on how different New Moon is from Twilight.

Another indication of how scary the Twilight fandom can be for the people involved in the franchise: Rene Haynes, the casting director for New Moon, has been getting emails and phone calls from fans around the world... even at 3 A.M.! Yikes. She doesn't want to upset the fans, so she's been very cordial to everyone. [Personally, I wish some fans would be more respectful of the Cast and Crew. *sigh* 3AM?! Seriously?! There is a free time-zone calculator online, ya know?  -CdL]


  1. Jei said...

    Paul Meraz is making summertime in the Philippines scorching hot! I think I might need to put on some SPF 174. LOL

  2. rhiancallyxMERAZ said...

    HE'S MARRIED... (looks at a blank space for a second and then blinks)
    I knew it! Guys like THAT are always taken! I still love him. =P

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