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A note regarding the Twilight DVD Issue

Since we got some pretty biting and accusing comments about forgetting this issue, please be informed that we still haven't gotten a reply from Viva after our last e-mail to them regarding their statement. In fact, this week, we sent them yet another e-mail asking about the status of our previous inquiry.

We have not forgotten this issue because like YOU, we also bought the DVD with our hard-earned money.

We promised to post information when we have it, but unfortunately, WE DON'T HAVE IT.

We are all for giving people time to respond to our queries because we do not want them to give us half-baked answers. We do not want the distributors to think that we are just a bunch of impatient emo Twilight fans. We have a strategy, and we plan to course this issue to the proper channels.

As always, we will inform everyone when we have further information. If you are getting impatient and simply just can't wait, then go ahead and do what you want to do, okay? :p


  1. HoneY said...

    Thanks TCP for the awesomness effort! =) Sabi nga nila "good things happen for those who wait" so yeah I'm positive that we will get a good response very soon. =) Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous said...

    i'm all for waiting but the last line: do what you want to do okay? :P...was a distastefully sarcastic.

  3. Anonymous said...

    thanks for following up but i couldn't help but comment on the last part..you were being sarcastic.

  4. resident_nutty said...

    i just have to address this, on behalf of the tcp admins, CdL wasn't being sarcastic with the last line in the post. we in fact encourage any Twilighter who wanted to take a proactive stance as regards the dvd to go ahead and make your voice known through whatever means you deem right and necessary. we even hope that any Twilighter who got any sort of feedback to also share it with us so that we can also spread it to other fans.

    as what CdL said at the start of the post, this entry is to address those who feel as if we're not doing anything regarding this. as what she said, we DO have a plan. but then again, there's also a possibility that this plan would not lead to our desired outcome. nevertheless, we are trying our best regarding this.

  5. Enid F. said...

    I am absolutely annoyed with people who comment in this blog, who act like they're above everyone else and throw bullshit trash set of words, then you see that their statements are safely hidden under the "ANONYMOUS" guise. This is what I can only say...


    I often say: karma's a bitch. I hope that you blasted set of ANONYMOUS people who have nothing good to say will get what you so rightly deserve, sooner than later.

  6. Tech Fatale said...

    Weird... I wonder what's taking Viva this long... I mean, it's been how many weeks and it kinda seem like they're ignoring the questions.

    No offense to anyone, but I really think it's not entirely TCP's responsibility to ask Viva for explanation. Just happens that TCP became other people's venue to express their disappointment. It seems TCP's emails do not suffice, or Viva is ignoring the TCP admins altogether. I'm just thinking out loud here.

    And we shouldn't be taking it against those who anonymously comment on this blog either. Not all people like expressing themselves openly.

    Going back to the DVD, anyone got any theory why Viva has not replied yet? Because my theory is that they just opted to ignore us completely.

  7. Clair de Lune said...

    We can only hope that they didn't ignore us. :( Sadly, it is entirely possible, especially since the tone of their last statement kinda had a certain finality to it. :(

  8. HoneY said...

    oh that would be sad if till now Viva doesn't reply to any of our inquiries. *sigh* =(
    So you think CdL it's now time for me to opt for other options, like buying off Amazon or Target or Borders perhaps? I really want to have the complete Adventure Begins, that's why. What do you think? Thank you! =(

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