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Winners of TCP's Anniversary Raffle!

Congratulations to the winners in our 1st TCP Anniversary Raffle!

Winner of a copy of "Twilight: Director's Notebook" by Catherine Hardwicke + 1 TCP Button Pin of your choice:
camille g.

Winner of a copy of "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer (Movie Tie-In Edition) + a Twilight button pin:
Eunice Dionisio

Winner of a copy of "Twilight: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" CD + a Twilight button pin:

Winner of a Twilight poster + a Twilight button pin

Winner of a copy of "Bullet in a Bible" (CD+DVD) by Green Day + a Twilight button pin:

Winner of a copy of "Almost Kinda Acoustic 4" CD + a Twilight button pin:

Winner of a copy of "Your Universe" CD by Rico Blanco + a Twilight button pin

Winner of a copy of "The O.C. Mix 5" CD + a Twilight button pin

(We're sorry that they aren't all Twilight-related prizes. These were items that were donated by our sponsors, like Warner Music Phils. for the CDs, for TCP's promos and activities.)

Winners, please send us an e-mail at: tcppromos(at)gmail(dot)com along with your Full Name, Contact Number, and Home Address so that we can inform you about how to claim your prizes.

The winners were selected by a random draw, and not based on their answers. :)

Thanks so much to everyone who joined the contest. We wish we have prizes to give to all of you for being such good sports. Your answers were all very cool, and we had so much fun reading them that we want to address some of the requests and wishes:

To all those who wanted to gift us with trips to New Moon/Twilight locations, thank you for the thought. If you ever win the lottery, we hope you don't forget us. :p

To those who are wishing that TCP will organize a Twilight Convention and bring the actors here: you guys don't know how much we wish this too. Unfortunately, it will take a LOT of money (hey, again, if you win the lottery...) and we wouldn't have the means to do it in the foreseeable future. However, as we said in Danag Podcast Episode 13, we will soon be joining the New Worlds Alliance. If TCP gets accepted, then we'll be part of the annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention! We hope you'll support TCP if we ever get to participate, and who knows, we might all find a way to make our dream of having Twilight celebs come to the Philippines come true. :)

To those who said they will give us Twilight cars of our choice if they have the money... that'll be a Silver Volvo C30 for me, please. Kthnxbye.

To those who want a TCP-sponsored New Moon premiere... we want that too. Don't worry, we will work on it. :)

To those who wanted to gift us with veto power over what gets included in the New Moon movie... that would be great, but scary. "With great power comes great responsibility." Besides, I don't think Summit will give us that, not even if you pay them a ton of money. :D But thank you for your trust in TCP. :)

To those who said they wanted more Danag podcasts... we enjoy doing them, so it's nice to know we have an audience who actually wants more. We have 2 immediate new episodes planned and conceptualized. The scripts are being written, and we will be recording them soon. :)

To those who wanted to gift us Admins with time with our favorite Twilight men, thanks for the thought. I'm pretty sure Jennie Garth would not allow Peter Facinelli to spend that much time with me no matter how much you pay them, so I might have to pick Kellan Lutz for this one. :p You already know who the other Admins will pick. :p

To those who wanted to gift us with the chance to meet Stephenie Meyer, thank you. We'd love that too... if she'll agree to it. ;)

Again, thanks to everyone for your continued support. :)


  1. HoneY said...

    Congratulations to the winners! I'd wanted to be one of them but I wasn't picked out but that's okay, I'm happy for those winners cos we are all Twi-hards! =)Thanks TCP for the contest. Have one again soon! =)

  2. Gabriel Mark said...

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Anonymous said...

    aww,congratz everyone..=)
    gus2 ku pa naman yung director's notebook..hihe..=)pero ok lng..=)
    still happy to be a part of winners and of TCP..=)
    thanks!thanks guys!=)

  4. Lhex said...

    yay!I won!LOL.
    congrats to the other winners!

    ako dn gsto ko sna ung director's notebook.LOL..pero kei lang!masaya pa win ako {syempre!!} kasi nanalo ako!

    thanks TCP for the contest!
    I wish you good luck and more power!
    God Bless!
    Happy Easter!!

  5. elsbet said...

    congratulations to all winners!

  6. twilightangel2026 said...

    congratulations to the winners. paw..wish come true vamp, you won finally!!! hehehe

    admins, you guys are really cool.

  7. minamic said...

    Yey! Congratulations to all the winners! :D And thank you very much for always sharing the Twilight love!

    *BIG HUG*


  8. Anonymous said...


    hi lhex..did TCP informed you already on how to get your prize?kasi ako ala pa..=((

  9. Clair de Lune said...

    Winners, we received your emails. But since it's Holy Week, the Admins haven't coordinated with each other as to the claiming of prizes. We'll let you know as soon as it's arranged. We have lives outside of the Twilight universe too, and this week, we're on a semi-vacation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    And no, I am not being sarcastic. ;) Seriously.

  10. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    Yup Mum, I won! Isn't that great? :) Dream come true it is.

    Thank you so much TCP and congrats to all winners!

    PS. Yes please, minami. SHARE ROB hehehe :)

  11. Anonymous said...


    elo poh,anyways,thank you for your clarification..=)
    I understand..=)

  12. kymishcullen said...

    congrats to all the winners!! :P:P

  13. themidnighter said...

    Thank you so much


    inde ko inexcpect pero thanks talaga TCP.

    Congrats to the other winners.

    And once again Happy Anniversary.

  14. Lhex said...

    *sheena:aahh..kaya pala wala pa din..xD..

    *Claire:oh..okay,I undersatnd now.=)..Happy Easter!!

  15. myeth said...

    i won! i won!

    wow! thank you! thank you!

    congrats to the other winners. and thanks TCP for the contest.

    happy easter to all!!!

  16. ...camp brat... said...

    congrats to the winners...
    im feeling a bit sad for not winning!


    will wait for the next one...

  17. Eunice Dionisio said...

    OMG!!! I won!!! thanks super!!!

    e-mail sent:)

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