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Today, it's all about Peter

People Magazine has an article about my favorite Twilight star, Peter Facinelli. Apparently, Peter loves the night shoots they're required to do on New Moon, outlasting the younger actors, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. He also talks about how he wants to give back to the fans, and about his next project, Nurse Jackie.

Meanwhile, Access Hollywood sent us this new interview they did with Peter:

Thanks to Rachel of Access Hollywood!


  1. twilightangel2026 said...

    i would do the same thing if i were anywhere near their shooting sites. i would even camp out the entire time they are there. the heck with the cold. LOL. I saw the pics they had with the fans who camped out. It is really nice of them to do that. You could see it in their faces that they are really happy doing it too. ahh...the long wait for new moon (sigh)

  2. health coaching said...

    He's cute and handsome and hot. :)

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