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News Round Up: 26 April 2009

More news on the New Moon front.

Vancouver Sun reports on filming up in Surrey, specifically at the set of Bella's house. Yes, fans have found out about that.

Twilight Gossip, meanwhile, has pics of Charlie's blue Forks police car, as well as the Swan house, and Bella's truck... and its double. Visit their blog posts here.

Clips of the ET features on New Moon can be found on youtube, where we FINALLY hear the voice of director Chris Weitz, as well as hear about Rob's relationship with Kristen (NOT DATING. D'OH. It's not news ET!) straight from his gorgeous lips. (Oh, and when he scoffs about the boyfriend, he's being sarcastic.) Watch them here and here.

Well this was weird, but Mary Hart from ET was interviewed for interviewing the stars of New Moon. Hn. See it here. The newsbit from FOXLA also features the scenes from the ET feature.

Oh, to be in Italy in May. Twilight Italia reports that New Moon filming will commence at Montepulciano May 25-29. They've also issued a casting call for extras. The newsbit in english can be read at His Golden Eyes.

Maybe you don't have to be in Italy to be in a Twilight film. Maybe you just have to star in a supposed German TV reality show, as posted by BBC News. Of course, that probably also means you have to be... well... German, first. [minamic: I don't know how the winner is going to make it for New Moon, though, since the show starts June 8. Or maybe it's for Eclipse? And for what role? It sounds fishy to me.]

Lastly on the New Moon front... it's so long Carter Burwell. Alexandre Desplat, the French composer of films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Queen, as well as Chris Weitz's own The Golden Compass, will be penning the music for the Twilight sequel, according to Upcoming Film Scores. Curiosity wonders if Desplat will be remaking the lullaby, which figures in the first part of the book, or if they'll be scrapping its inclusion altogether.

Want to know more about the man who will be responsible for bringing that oh-so-romantic Cullen proposal to life? MTV gives you the juice on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse's director, David Slade. We are intrigued with how he will transition from the gore of 30 Days of Night to the delicacy that is the Twilight universe. [minamic: And like I twitted, Eclipse is my favorite book. So my expectations will be even higher than normal. Just sayin'.]

Next up, something for Taylor Lautner fans! He now has his own page at People.com! Also, see him getting buffed up on-set at Access Hollywood. Jailbait, guys.

Kellan Lutz and Edi Gathegi were able to make a few Twilight fangirls' days in Sydney's JB HiFi store for Twilight OST promotions. Hm. You think they'll be up for a local visit?

Let's end this news round-up with a little bit of Rob. He's up for another Summit movie, a romantic drama filming between New Moon and Eclipse, titled Remember Me. Female lead hasn't been cast yet though. Wonder which lovely HWood ladies are in tenterhooks about getting the part? Read the post on Screen Daily.

MTV has a clip of him in How to Be. And read his _short_ interview with Total Film. [minamic: They only just realized he's "frickin' gorgeous"! I ask, where have they been?!] Especially this part where he comments about NM:

Stubble. On your face. Riiiight... So can we talk about Twilight sequel New Moon?

Edward and Bella’s reunion in New Moon is good. It’s different from the book so I think people will be happy.

This movie will have a very different mood. In visual terms it’s going to be so different from Twilight. It’s also a lot scarier. Chris [Weitz, New Moon director] is very willing to go down that route.

Read. Digest. Post your comments and see you for the next round-up!


  1. TIKisokA said...

    have u guys seen the list of most beautiful 2009 from People.com?
    as expected Rob is in the list
    (top was Christina Applegate)


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