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New Moon Principal Photography: Bella and Edward's Reunion Kiss

Well, it's been a sloooow news month, so there hasn't been much activity here at TCP's blog. However, this might perk all you Twilighters up.

JustJared has photos from principal photography in Montepulciano, mostly of Edward and Bella's reunion. We're not gonna post them here, as they're kinda spoilery, but if you want to see them, click HERE. [Warning: Shirtless!Rob! He worked out. He really worked out. Girls can send Thank You gifts and flowers to Chris Weitz now. :p]

The Montepulciano principal photography is wrapping up in a few days.

There are other photos taken by a fan who was there HERE via TwitPic.

UPDATE: More HERE via LaineyGossip (different angles).

Thanks to Minami and Rome.


  1. minamic said...

    I'll just leave this here: http://www.plurk.com/p/wp0kx

    XD Copy-pasted most of the sites I picked up from Lion_lamb, just in case you're not a part of the comm. Same pics are in those pages though, mostly picked up from justjared. :)

  2. Jei said...

    ROB!!! YUMMY!
    An eight pack? Impressive!

  3. Eira Solidor said...


  4. purplecow said...

    oh.wow. thank you for this. I absolutely needed this today.

    these photos make the 6-month wait more unbearable!!!

  5. Nacee said...

    sorry, but i just had to share this pic. LoL. http://bit.ly/vq5Vw

  6. Mack said...

    why does rob pattinson have all these dots on his face and upper body? are these points for the cgi sparkle effect?

  7. Merriam said...

    I remember in one of those Danag podcasts you were talking about how the Edward doll's abs are soft to the touch...maybe Tonner would stage a recall and replace them with ripped Edward dolls! CGI dots sold sepatately.

    I have a great feeling about the movie. Maybe the TCP Admins will give New Moon a better rating this time :)

  8. Anonymous said...

    honestly don't care about Kristen, i mean, i tolerate her as Bella..but Rob?! OMG!! now that is a smexy vampire

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