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"New Moon" Trailer premiering at MTV Movie Awards!

UPDATE: The 2009 MTV Movie Awards will premiere on MTV Philippines on June 14, 7:30PM. Thanks to the people who commented.

There is good news today from MTV! That The Twilight Saga: New Moon exclusive clip they said will debut during the movie awards? It's not just a clip. It's apparently the 1st trailer from the film! The trailer will be presented by Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Click here for more about the MTV Movie Awards, including a list of presenters. [Good lord! Chris Pine is presenting! I must watch this show! -Clair de Lune]

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards will air this coming Sunday in the U.S. If anyone has information about the local air dates, please let us know.

More from MTV: "Catherine Hardwicke Opens Her Door for our Tour of Twilight Origins"


  1. Riin said...

    According to the commercial,June 14 on MTV. I think it was 9PM?

  2. littlelamb said...

    i think it'll air locally on june 13. :D

  3. Riina said...

    According to the commercial, it's June 14. 9PM, I think.:)

  4. k said...

    I too would like to know the local air date. I have been watching our local MTV channel like crazy but am not seeing any commercials, there's no mention of it on MTV Phil's website, and they did not even respond to my email inquiry about it.

  5. Jei said...

    ET Online have this 15-second preview of NEW MOON!!!


  6. k said...

    June 14? Say what? I can't wait that long. Probably gonna have to settle with watching the small clips people will upload on YouTube.

  7. Clair de Lune said...

    Same here. I've been complaining about MTV Phils. since last year. They post an email address but they never reply. Not even a generic "we've received your e-mail and have forwarded it to the concerned person" or something like that. Sheesh.

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