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"New Moon" Trailer Previews Before They Say It Will

Maybe it's just me, but when they say "The New Moon trailer will premiere at the MTV Movie Awards", I EXPECT to see it DURING the MTV Movie Awards and not before. Apparently, they like making impatient people out of hungry fans like us, so there are previews of the trailer that are now out in the wild. I don't like the principle of the thing, but heck, I won't protest too much. ;)

MTV: Preview

ET Online: Preview

Thanks to Jei and Rome.


  1. DotDot said...

    It's way different isn't it? I mean the way they shot it. More artistic and professional. :)

  2. CyNurse said...

    I hope the movie won't deviate too much from the book.

  3. myeth said...

    that's it!?! seriously!?! man, it only made me even hungrier than i was before... though i didn't like robert's facial expression in that scene... it's as if something's a bit off with his take on it... i dunno...

  4. Thea said...

    There's going to be a twist in the ending. :)

  5. Thea said...

    BTW, from what I know, the MTV Movie Awards will be shown in the states on May 31 9PM PT/ET..
    That's 12:00 noon here.. I think.. and there's a red carpet show before that right? So, I think it's best to watch early. :)

  6. Rome said...


    I'm guessing that the 15-second preview is showcasing a scene after Bella's party in the Cullen Mansion, which would explain Edward's (Robert's) dour face. At that point, Edward was already contemplating about leaving Bella because of what happened to her. XD

  7. ophine said...

    that was sooooooooooo BITIN!!
    Dang! I hope NOVEMBER na!!!!

  8. Thea said...

    Live MTV Movie Awards 2009 Broadcast:


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