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News Round-Up: 1 June

All of today's news is coming our way from MTV! The MTV Movie Awards will start in the US shortly, so we are now being bombarded by Twilight-related features:

Jared Followill of Kings of Leon says he loves the Twilight film. The music of the band is a favorite of Rob Pattinson's.

Here's an interview with Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz from the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet, where they talk about the "intense" atmosphere in the New Moon set.

Tim Kash has more of that Catherine Hardwicke interview. This time, the director reflects on the legacy of Twilight.

Stay tuned later today for the debut of the New Moon trailer!

EDITED TO ADD: Taylor Lautner Becomes An Improvisational Action Hero for New Moon


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    http://www.justin.tv/mordane2>>> HERE IS A LIVE FEED FOR EVERYONE. :)

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