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New Twilight Saga Titles Coming Soon!

The New Moon movie may be months away, but there are other things to look forward to in the Twilight Saga.

Little, Brown has announced that the following titles will be coming to stores near you soon!

August 4 - Breaking Dawn Special Edition with a DVD of the Breaking Dawn Concert Series and interviews with Stephenie Meyer. The hardcover edition also has a poster and a reproduction of handwritten lyrics for “My Never,” by Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld

October 6 - New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion and New Moon Collector's Edition

October 13 - The Twilight Journals (see picture above). The journals have a tin package, and the pages have decorative quotes from the four books.

We will provide more information about the local release of these titles nearer to their publication dates.

Thank you to Hachette Book Group USA (Phils.) for the information.


  1. twilightangel2026 said...

    new merch to look forward to.time to start saving up!

  2. Ella said...

    I am SOOO getting that! :D

  3. Anonymous said...

    aww,so excited xD

  4. Jerica said...

    owwww... this is fabulous

    who says there is a recession?

    i will get everything as soon as it is available

    (uhhh! it is at the middle of the school year.... yeeepppy! it only means I can save enough money)

    I love twilight!


  5. Jei said...

    I'm getting a feeling that I will be broke AGAIN soon. LOL.

    And EW said Little, Brown will be releasing New Moon trade and mass-market paperback tie-ins in September too.

    Oh... my bank account. :-|

  6. kymishcullen said...

    tipid mode again..

  7. austenfan said...

    I'd so love to have those journals!

  8. nikki said...

    goodluck to us...

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