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Woman finds "New Moon" script in the trash

A woman from St. Louis, Missouri, found the script for New Moon and another film entitled Memoirs in the trash bin outside a hotel. The report says that several actors that are part of the George Clooney film, Up In The Air, are staying at the hotel, including New Moon cast member, Anna Kendrick. Anna's manager denies that the script was hers, and that she would dispose of a script in such a manner.

The woman returned the scripts to Summit Entertainment via her lawyer, and was promptly invited to the premieres of the two movies. Summit, however, did not confirm if the scripts were authentic. It seems that they primarily wanted to reward the woman for her honesty and set an example.

Read the rest of the story here.

So what would YOU have done if you found the New Moon script in a trash bin? Send us your comments!


  1. Elsbet said...

    will read and re-read it first, then make my own copy (for documentation purposes..hehehe)...then return it , so i can also get invited for a premiere...plus get the chance to meet and greet the casts (will probably demand a 'meet and greet' if it is not included in my 'price')..then, schedule for an interview in Yahoo! news, CNN, BBC or even local news network and tell them the story of how i got the copy... after sometime, create a memoir about it.

    whew! this is probably the reason why i haven't had any luck of finding any script in the trash bin :(

    will now be checking trash bins from time to time :)

  2. pertut said...

    oh im gonna keep it to myself and memorize it. then when the movie shows here in the philippines, im gonna surprise my friends at sasabayan ko yung movie sa cinema... haha! but i think that'll be such a spoiler. i think i should just give it back and ask them to let me see emmett in return. haha!:]

  3. SyliaMariaDeIre said...

    Is it a sin to photocopy it first before returning? Teehee :) I'll use it for keeps anyways.

  4. lexaprone said...

    I'm not going to touch anything that comes from a trash can. I don't have the immune system of a vampire, you know. :)

  5. Jec said...

    I will keep the script and wont tell anybody but if there is a reward hmmm let me think about it for a second

    ok fine, i'll return it

  6. gorgeousizabelle said...

    read it then make the necessary commentaries regarding the script (of course by this time i have made my own copy of the script...hehehe) then return it.

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